Concept to completion

Luxury New Construction Development and Residential Renovation in Philadelphia

DECO Collective

New construction

Our team works with a set of preferred skilled architects, designers, and builders and collaborates closely with investors and developers to create properties that exude luxury, attract discerning tenants, and deliver strong returns on investment for new construction properties.

Residential Renovations

Tap into the potential of existing properties in desirable locations with strategic design and development. Our team works to transform dated residences into modern, luxury builds, understanding the importance of cost-effective solutions and maximizing property resale value.

Elevated interiors

DECO Collective properties embody luxury and elegance, incorporating high-quality finishes and modern fixtures that elevate home values and maximize return potential for investors. 

Project management

We understand the complexities of real estate development projects. From initial concept to final completion, DECO ensures seamless coordination among all stakeholders, managing budgets, timelines, and quality control, providing investors with peace of mind and confidence in the successful execution of their projects.

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We welcome inquiries from investors, developers, and individuals selling properties with potential.